Rajshahi House - Virtual Tour

Rajshahi House - Virtual Tour

The house is expressive of a modern language adapted to the tropical climate and requirements of Dhaka. Typical of houses for the upper middle class who were serving a new government in the 1950s and have started to live in newer parts of Dhaka, the house represents the beginning of a new residential type and lifestyle. Today, the building is a quiet hidden residence in the midst of overwhelming high rise buildings. The Rajshahi House is distinctive for its openness and connection to the surrounding landscape. Designed by Arjun Roy, an architect from Calcutta, the house was built in 1957 for the family of Murtaza Reza Chowdhury, a well-known political personality who was a member of the Bengal and Pakistan Assembly and state minister in the central government of Pakistan.

Virtual Tour Guide

The following icons has been used in the virtual tour to easily navigate and view details information, large images, photo gallery and videos. Click and hold and move the mouse or tap on the tour and drag in any direction to rotate the default view. You can also zoom in and zoom out the tour.

virtual tour control panel Virtual tour control panel
vr icon previous Move to Previous node
vr icon next Move to Previous node
vr icon auto rotate Play/ pause Auto rotate
vr icon info Show/ hide information
vr icon thumbs Show/ hide tour thumbs
vr icon audio Play/ pause Audio
vr icon info Show large image
vr icon gallery Show image gallery
vr icon video Play video
vr icon next previous on tour Next-Previous button on the tour

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