Nasir Khan Saikat

My name is Nasir Khan Saikat. I am from Bangladesh. I work as a full stack developer as a freelancer and also with a number of agencies. Along with this I also work as a professional photographer with special expertise in architectural photography and creating virtual tours.

As a volunteer I contribute to a number of global open-source initiatives. I started to contribute to Wikipedia projects in 2008, I am an administrator of Bengali Wikipedia, and I am also a long-term contributor to Wikimedia Commons and Mediawiki. I am the Bangladesh Lead of Creative Commons. I also contribute to the Scratch Programming project. I am a Language Manager at Scratch. I also partnered with Scratch Education Collaboratives. Along with these major/ large projects I contribute to a number of other projects by writing code, localization & Internationalisation, adding photos and other content, and by spending time on projects to grow.


I lead a team where we believe every business is unique and thus should be the solution. We focus on developing result-driven solutions to assist the growth of your business. From designing a simple web presence to developing complex tailor-made software we thrive to ensure the utmost return on investment.

When building anything, we start from the small and travel all the steps along with you. Our belief is to build a great product, we should start small and take care of every small part of the whole.

We are a small company in Bangladesh. We have expertise in developing custom websites, web applications, mobile apps, and Facebook apps, designing materials for digital platforms, and printing.

We turn great ideas into reality. We will start with you and be with you until the dream becomes a reality.


To get in touch you may use the contact page or my online social profiles.