I love to take photographs & tell stories along with that. My favorite is architecture &  landscape photography. But I also take photos of other genres. I am also specialized in creating virtual tours, you can check my portfolio page.

Photos capture the fractions of seconds but each photo have a long story. Most of the time we skip to tell the stories. I often share my photographs on different social media platforms. But I started to take photos seriously for uploading to Wikipedia. I am contributing to Wikipedia & a number of open content platfroms since 2008.

I would appretiate if you may follow me on Flickr, Instagram or Eyeem.

Instagram Photos

Instagram is an instaring place to share photos and stories. You can follow me there.

My Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/nasirkhansaikat

Flickr Photos

Some of my recently uploaded photos on Flickr. Click on the photos to enlarge. 

My Flickr photostream https://flickr.com/photos/nasir-khan