Revati Mohan Das House (Old House) Virtual Tour

Revati Mohan Das House (Old House) Virtual Tour

An elaborate mansion on the banks of the former Dholai Khal in Sutrapur area, the Revati Mohan Das Lodge represents a special type of house built by the wealthy citizens of early 20th century Dhaka. With the first house built in 1900 in a neo-Classical architectural style by the rich businessman Revati Mohan Das, and extended with a second house in 1942 by the son Hemendra Kumar Das, the Revati Mohan Das Lodge is now a noteworthy heritage building. The owners of the house played an illustrious role in the political and economic life of the city. The elder Revati Mohan Das was a successful businessman who dealt in investment and various enterprises and contributed to numerous philanthropic projects in the city. Revati Mohan’s son Satyendra Kumar Das was the chairman of Dhaka Municipality for two terms, and younger son Hemendra Kumar Das was the mayor of Mymensingh Municipality for a number of years.

Virtual Tour Guide

The following icons has been used in the virtual tour to easily navigate and view details information, large images, photo gallery and videos. Click and hold and move the mouse or tap on the tour and drag in any direction to rotate the default view. You can also zoom in and zoom out the tour.

virtual tour control panel Virtual tour control panel
vr icon previous Move to Previous node
vr icon next Move to Previous node
vr icon auto rotate Play/ pause Auto rotate
vr icon info Show/ hide information
vr icon thumbs Show/ hide tour thumbs
vr icon audio Play/ pause Audio
vr icon info Show large image
vr icon gallery Show image gallery
vr icon video Play video
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