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Nasir Khan Saikat

RT @gitlab: Coding has become a service profession with endless occupational growth potential. But in order for this future to become a rea…

by Nasir Khan Saikat

Nasir Khan Saikat

RT @Twitter: বাংলাদেশে Android-এর জন্য টুইটার লাইট ডাউনলোড করুন! কম ডেটা ব্যবহার করে, কম স্থান নেয় এবং দ্রুত লোড হয়।

by Nasir Khan Saikat

Hey, I'm Nasir Khan. I'm a web developer and template designer. I am skilled in PHP, CSS and HTML. CSS3 and HTML5 features, as well as Javascripts are my special field of interests. I am active at open source movement.
I am an administrator of Bengali Wikipedia and Founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh.
I have passion in photography. I upload my photos to Wikimedia Commons, Flickr and Google+.

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